Here at Rose Birth Services we believe that you were created with a Devine design for the work of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We believe that birth is not something to be feared, but something to be celebrated and embraced as it transforms you into someone your former self couldn't even imagine. We believe that love is the cornerstone for an empowered birth and support her foundation. We believe that no matter how or where you give birth as long as there is a solid foundation and a firm cornerstone will find your inner power. We believe that you have sovereignty over your body and will provide you with evidenced based information when appropriate. We believe that you feeling satisfied with your birth is the best goal, not simply "healthy baby, healthy mama."  Finally, we believe that birth, when done with love, support and respect has the potential to change the world as we know it. 

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My Passion 

Birth gives you a small glimpse of what motherhood will require of you. I want you to start out your journey on the very best foot possible. Birth is the nucleus of the woman you will be from that moment forward, for the rest of your life. In your birth I want you to know your voice is the most important one in the room. I want you to feel at peace with your decisions. I want you to trust your intuition for yourself and your baby. I want you to know you already have every single thing you need within just waiting to be activated.

I will work with you prenatally to set up realistic expectations and plans for this sacred time. I will focus with you on the internal work of birth. The mindset of success. The physical preparation. The emotional fortitude that is required. My ultimate goal is to change the way we view birth and bring those around me to the understanding that as we lovingly build woman into mothers they will in turn build strong societies that rock this world to it's core and bring about the best kind of change centered in faith, love and family .


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