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Welcome, I'm Amanda, Middle Tennessee's Crunchy Christian Birth Doula 


Helping you embrace the Divine design of pregnancy, birth and motherhood

Birth gives you a small glimpse of what motherhood will require of you. My desire for you is to start your journey on the very best foot possible. Birth is the nucleus of the woman you will be from that moment forward for the rest of your life. My goal is to help you to trust your intuition for yourself and your baby. In your birth you should be made to feel that your voice is the most important one in the room and ultimately be at peace and confidant in your decisions. Finally, I pray you discover you already have every single thing you need within, just waiting to be activated.

Services Offered


About Our Services

"Where Love Blooms"

 I will work with you prenatally to set up realistic expectations and plans for this sacred time. I will focus with you on the internal work of birth. The mindset of success. The physical preparation. The emotional fortitude that is required. My ultimate goal is to change the way we view birth and bring those around me to the understanding that as we lovingly build women into mothers, they will in turn build strong societies that rock this world to its core and bring about the best kind of change centered in faith, love and family.


Birth Vison Session 

90 minute virtual planning session to help you avoid the google rabbit hole and focus on what you want in your birth and how to achieve it

Women have been helping women have babies since the beginning of time. 

Only in recent history have we lost this age old wisdom. As your doula I act as a guide, someone who knows the landscape of birth providing knowledge, education and support throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and immediate postpartum.  

Labor and Birth Support

Greater Nashville Area

Childbirth Education

Holistic course rooted in autonomy. Everything you need to know to have an amazing pregnancy, empowered birth and  peaceful postpartum.

Urban Home with Plants

I could go on and on about Amanda! She was so intentional through the whole pregnancy and birth and left my husband and I feeling SO supported


Her passion for mamas and love for the Lord is evident in how she serves, and it absolutely helped to make my labor one of the best experiences of my life. I cannot recommend sweet Amanda enough!



Amanda is simply the best. This was our first birth experience and I cannot imagine having another without her! She was such an important part of our team, and kept us so grounded throughout the labor process.

Amanda gave me the guidance to know what I needed to do in labor, and helped me feel extremely loved the entire time. I don't believe I could have had my home birth without her. She was truly a blessing and exactly what I needed. I cannot recommend her enough!



We loved having Amanda as our doula! We was very respectful of what I wanted and super helpful during labor and delivery!

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