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I am so happy you're here! My name is Amanda Githaiga.  I am a Birth Doula trained through Harbor Birth Institute. I have lived in the greater Nashville area for thirteen years and am proud to call it home. I am a woman of God with a passion for all things birthy. My handsome hubby and I have been married for over a decade and I can't be more thankful to have a partner like him. We have two daughters, Lilianna Rose and Jasmine JuneRose. They are the heartbeat behind why I do what I do. During my pregnancy with Lilianna I was left in awe of the female body's Divine design. During her birth I was left in awe due to the lack of support and little adherence to evidence based common sense birth practices. This is when my passion to pursue birth work was rekindled. As a young girl I remember talking with a woman who was in the process of becoming a doula...if I had to say, this is when the seed with planted in faith and now I am so grateful to tend to that dream and see it bloom. I can't wait to chat with you! Let's doula this thing together!

Birth Doula

Every pregnancy and birth has beauty in it. My goal is to support you in painting your story with all the flair, warmth, depth and love you desire full of likeminded believing and continual support. 


"God truly brought her to me and without her I wouldn't have the redeeming birth I did."
-MG 2022 Client-

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